A beauty essence that make your skin shiny and firm.
It can be used without gender.

13,200yen(includes tax)

About this product

A light, thick serum that spreads smoothly and allows NMN※2 and beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin※1, providing intensive care for the complex problems of aging skin※3 and conditioning the skin to a healthy state.
The two powers of skin renewal vitality and protection against skin damaging factors, as well as beauty ingredients, penetrate with a thick texture to intensively care for damaged skin where necessary and condition the skin’s strength to bring about moist, smooth, radiant, bright, bouncy, and lively skin.

※1 Sratum corneum
※2 Nicotinamide mononucleotide
※3 Aging skin


  • It continuously nourishes and hydrates the skin where it is needed, providing intensive care for damaged skin, helping the skin’s ability to renew itself, resulting in glowing, moist, smooth, and refreshed skin.
  • It boosts the skin’s ability to protect itself from damaging factors, and leads to a soft, bouncy, and lively skin with a luminous and clear appearance that makes the most of its well-established moisture balance.
  • It helps maintain a healthy turnover cycle and keeps the skin vibrant and moisturized.

How to use

After conditioning with toner,  apply 2-3 pumps with the palm of your hand from the center of the face to the outside, then gently blend directly onto the neck and décolleté.

Main Ingredients

Nicotinamide mononucleotide: enhances skin’s ability to generate
Jojoba seed oil: provides rich emollients to the skin, improves its ability to protect, and keeps skin soft and moisturized
Vitamin C and vitamin E derivatives: protect against skin damaging factors, leaving skin clear and firm
Hyaluronic acid: draws moisture into the skin, regulates hydration, and maintains the ability to stay fresh and moisturized